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hello again - The diary of a European

Sep. 12th, 2004 09:19 am hello again

Hello Europa!
I haven't been writing on you for quite a long while (I had told you I am not very good at keeping a journal) but now I want to try to start writing again.
Some events have happened, are happening and will go on happening in the world that prevent me from being silent. Muslim terrorists are threatening us: the goal of their actions is widening from who they called their enemies (the USA and all their western allies, no matter if they have sent troops or volonteers to Iraq) to the entire Western world. After what happened in the school n° 1 of Beslan, a quiet town of the Christian Republic of Ossetia, we fear that such actions can happen in our countries, our towns, our schools.
It is true that all Muslims are not terrorists and all of the Muslim countries don't apply the Coranic law to the public life. However, it is impossible to have a dialogue with terrorists, as the EU would like (I felt very ashamed when Dutch Foreign Minister asked Putin for explanations on "how such a tragedy could have happened". Should he have invited the terrorists to have lunch with him?).
Well, I will stop here for today.

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